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Course Preview

Graventure 2022 course is longer and higher than the first, but is technically easier. While graventure#1 is rated 3/5 for technicality and 3/5 for endurance, graventure#2 is rated 2/5 for technicality and 4/5 for endurance. The preview below is divided based on the theme, feel and by coincidence of 20km-ish distance.

The Appetizer 

Like #1, #2 start at the unassuming road suburbs in Tangerang Selatan. Like before you are encouraged to ride to the start line, although if this is not an option, there are plenty of parking place nearby (within 5km). Consider the first 22km as some sort of appetizer, the route will take riders to the suburb and small village of Tangerang Selatan and Bogor regency, where most road are either paved in conrete, paving block or asphalt of various quality and several gravel sections. Follow the route closely, because there will be tight and sudden turn, and if you missed it, you likely have to climb to go back at the correct turn. In the morning the air is light and cool and the traffc is quiet, becareful not to spent to much time taking a picture because as tempting as it is, remember that this is just an appetizer

Lets the Fun Begin

Dirt road, smooth asphald, agro forrest and non stop rolling. This is the first test of your mettle where both your endurance, handling skill are first tested. Take it easy, because this is not even half point yet. You will encounter big truck and heavy machine, take special care in passing these vehicels, wait if you must. The uneven road surface means that there is a risk of truck could topled sideway, which will be deadly if you next to it.

The Respite....or Not 

After bone shaking 20kms or so, you would be glad to have smooth road ahead for at lest 20km, except that this road will take you to climb to the biggest climb of the course before long descent to the next parcour. Traffic is usually light in the mornings and during the weekend, there could be some road construction that will cause traffic jam, but bike would normally free to pass. Arguably this section will also bring you to the one of the most beautiful scenery of the ride. Plenty of good breakfast space along this section. Take advantage or morning breeze, the later you tackle this section the more regret you have, unless if its rain.

The Jungle 

Probably the gem the course, the route will take you over several natural and man made forest and plantation, crisscrossing several gravel section, smooth road and river side heaven. The climbs were steep and punishing, but short - so you can enjoy the sense of achievement everytime you tackled one - at least for few minutes. But the view is amazing, otherwise, why bother right ?

Last Push

By now, you have completed over 80% of the course, your hand probably aching after tacking kilometers of makadam filled route and your thigh probably tight from climbing over 1000m eg thus far. So we tried to make its easy, 10 km of wide main road (minimal traffic) and reasonably ok surface, before turning left and heading back home to finish line. Remember that this is the last part of your adventure, soak in your experience, say hi to other riders, smile and enjoy the victory ride home.

Riding tips

  • Start early to take benefit of morning cool, 6am start is ideal.

  • Plenty of chain minimart along the route, but try to spend your money on local "warung"/shops - they usualy have those delicious childhood snack that will you back to good old time memory lane

  • We tested the route with tire width 35, 37, 40, 42 and 47 - all are ok, obviously the wider the comfier and also heavier. You may get away with wide  (>40) slick, but the narrower your tire, you gonna kneed some knob.

  • Ensure you follow every section of the route unsupported and no short cut, we created secret segment to validate your we will know.

Remember to complete the ride by reaching the FINISH/END point to have your ride properly recorded and validated.


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