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  1. Is Graventure#1 is a race/event ? A: No, what we do is sharing our favourite route for you to try. If you like to try and completed the full route on specific date and within specific target time as per our preference, we may give you a complimentary exclusive patch/cap. The route will be shared for public after the ride, so others who couldnt join during the dates can always ride it any other time.

  2. How to join ? A: As this is not an "event" there is no such thing as "joining" however if you want a chance to get the "finisher patch/merchandise" you must RSVP so that you can access the route and have your ride visible for us to validate.

  3. If this is not an event, why do I have to RSVP and ride it on certain dates ? A: You only have to ride it on certain dates if you want the finisher "patch/cap", having a set dates make it easier for us to monitor and validate your ride.

  4. Who can RSVP ? A: Everyone, provided you have the right bike, helmet and slots are still available. But we do not encourage partcipant from riders below legal age (17) - for that reason too, any riders <17 will not be eligible for patch/merchandise

  5. How much is RSVP cost ? A: Free

  6. Do I have to use Ride with GPS (RWGPS) ? A: You have to create RWGPS account (for free) to register. Once you registered you can use your free RWGPS APPS to navigate the route for free using your mobile phone, yes for free. But if you prefer to use GPS device such as WAHOO, you can sync your device with the apps OR download GPX files. In short, your dont have to use RWGPS to navigate. However, it is important that you upload/sync your GPS device to RWGPS after the ride so that its got uploaded and get into our database. If you dont do this, we couldnt see your ride.

  7. How difficult is the route ? A: Difficult is relative, with over 100 km and 1200 m gain, the equivalent will be riding from jakarta to Puncak Pass. Roughly 40% will be riding through makadam, gravel and mud, so you need to have a decent handling skills too otherwise you gonna need to walk a lot.

  8. If this is not a race, why only top 30 finisher  within COT can get a patch ? A: Because this event is free and we only have budget for 30 patches.

  9. Can I ride folding bike/road bike ? A: Plesase DO NOT use folding bike, roadbike or any other bike with tire <32. The terrain is very challenging and not suitable for bike with small (<26") or narrow tires (<32mm), in short it is dangerous thing to do.

  10. Can I use MTB ? A: Yes, if you want to use MTB, we recommend MTB hardtail or rigid fork, while using full-sus MTB is possible, it is not recomended.

  11. What kind of support will be provided ? A: None, the route will be unsigned and unmarked, there will be no marshall, no medic nor evac car. All riders must be self sufficient and navigate the route based on the provided route and common sense.

  12. If I decided to withdraw from the ride, what should I do ? A: Just ride home, or hitchhike or call taxi. 

  13. What is the cut off time? A: For finisher patch/cap eligibility, you must complete the full route in 10hrs or less

  14. If this is not a race, why there is a cut off time ? A: The patch is intended to be a reward for someone who ride it the way we do it, the fastest time we had was about 8hrs "elapsed time" the slowest was 9hrs, and thats with plenty of stops and technical issues a long the way. We generously give an extra 1 hour for additional contingency in case you really really have a bad day.

  15. What does self supported mean ? A: It means you are on your own. You can work together with other riders, but you can not use personal support i.e. car, motorcycle, pacer, etc. If you face a mechanical issue, you need to be able to fix it. You can use public facility that are also available to other riders, roadside workshops, indo/alfamaret, warteg etc. 

  16. Can I use an ebike ? A: You will not be eligible for complimentary patch and merchandise.

  17. What if there is an emergency ? A: Your are own your own or depends on other rider/villager kindness. For this reason, please ride with common sense and care, do not take unnecessary risk, the goal is to complete the route with the most laugh possible and home safely.

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