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GRAVENTURE is self supported/self sufficient ride based on a route designed by GravelGravelan crew.  The route stretch for more than 100km with +1200m elevation gain, providing riders with beautiful scenery and interesting challenge all over the course. The route will be shared closer to event date.

This is our way to share our most favourite road/trail and sceneries to be enjoyed by yourself at your own pace and time. If you like to enjoy it the way we enjoy it we may give you a complimentary patch/merchandise as a sign of accomplishment

REGISTRATION is now closed.

Now before you get overly excited, read below carefully.

COVID-19 Related Advice

We designed Graventure to minimize and eliminate crowding, close and physical contact as much as possible.

  • There is no start time or finish time, so that people can choose their own prefered start time and not grouping and crowding at start or finish point or pelotoning during the ride. 

  • We provide two dates so you can choose and further minimize crowding

  • There is no checkpoint or drink/energy station so that people dont crowd waiting to be checked or queueing for food/drinks. 

  • We limit max to 200 riders to avoid crowding. With the route design and topology, its close to impossible for rider to accidently crowding or forming a big group ride, unless by intention, which is not align with the spirit of adventure.

We believe that if we trully enjoy riding our bike and adventure, we don't need loudspeaker, MC, start/finish gate or medals, uniformed jersey, peloton, road captain or voojrider, you can just go out, ride and have fun. That is the spirit of Graventure.


None of those measures matter if you are not using common sense and be disciplin about it, fully aware that common sense is sometimes lacking amongst us. We provide you with simple COMMON SENSE guide below:

  • If you are not feeling well OR have been exposed to potential infection OR exhibiting symtomps DO NOT RIDE GRAVENTURE, or any ride whatsoever !

  • Maintain physical distance with people you ride, people you encounter, animal you encounter at all times. 

  • Wear your mask when you are in contact with other people or living being.

  • If you stop at the shop and you see that its crowding, skip it, go to another one or one across the street, we are in JABODETABEK, another "warung" is always on walking distance away.

  • Practice basic hygiene e.g. wash your hands often, dont touch stuffs, etc

  • Abide to local health protocol as applicable

  • Remember this, you are responsible for your own health and safety but also people that you have contact with, be considerate, be responsbile !

Now we got that going, understood and accept and if you are still excited, lets continue.

For a chance to claim the patch, you must do the following:

  • Register via our RSVP page page, we only accept 200 first registration to avoid route crowding and ease our admin, registration is FREE

  • Create "Ride With GPS" (RWGPS) account, and download its app, its free (available in appstore or playstore)

  • Accept RWGPS Event invitation (will be sent via email) this will make sure we can track your ride easily, it also allows you to navigate the route using your mobile phone (if you don't have garmin/ wahoo/ gps bike computer). You will receive an email confirmation from RWGPS if your registration is succesfull.

  • Ride the course in one go on either 11JUN22 or 12JUN22

  • There is no start time or finish time, so that people can choose their own prefered start time and not grouping and crowding at start or finish point or pelotoning during the ride. 

  • Remember to always turn on your device OR rwgps to record your ride BEFORE you pass through the START segment.

  • Complete the full course in 10 hours or less. 

  • Upload/Sync the ride to RWGPS the latest by 14JUN22 - so we can validate your eligibility

  • We will announce the lucky 25 (or less) riders who will get exclusive one time only patch/cap.


  • THIS IS NOT A GROUP/PELOTON RIDE ! You can ride individually or in small group (2-5 people), bring your mask, maintain recomended physical distancing and comply with local health protocol.

  • This is self/voluntary ride, you will take responsibility for your own safety and well being.

  • Safety first, always wear helmet, observe traffic rules, be polite and considerate to other riders, road users, villagers, cows and animals that you will encounter through out your ride.

  • Self navigated, no road sign, mark or marshalls

  • Self supported, no water station, no medic, no evac car, no external support car too

  • No littering !!!

  • We may tweak/modified the rules as we see fit we will let you know we do.

Recomended bike:

  • We recommend any bike  like gravel, hardtail, cx, touring that can take tire width >32mm.

  • While using full-sus MTB is possible, it is not recomended​ (because of its weight)

  • Our experience found that tire width between 35mm to 50mm (2.1") with reasonable fast rolling knobbies is ideal for the route. We do not recommend slick tires.

  • Riding a bike with motor assisted pedalling or its kind, minibike i.e. folding bike/mini velo -  is not eligible for a patch

  • Using car/bike for bike loading/move from one point to another will not be eligible for a patch/cap.

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