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Widely regarded as the bike industry's leading innovator of game-changing technologies, for over 40 years Cannondale and its handcrafted bicycles continue to innovate across mountain, road, and electric bikes. 

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Datang dari sumber alam yang terlindungi, murninya AQUA berikan air minum berkualitas. Apapun Aktivitasi Mu Awali Dengan AQUA DULU 100% Murni Air Mineral Pegunungan.


Start slow and finish strong. That is the mantra for most endurance sport.

This year, we want racers to not only finish strong, but also fresh, thanks to our sponsor: Rexona, because when the race ends, it’s not done yet for Rexona. It’ll keep going, making sure you’re always fresh. #lanjutterus


RHP Law is a Law Firm founded and managed by Riyo Hanggoro Prasetyo an Intellectual Property and Entertainment Lawyer who is now playing important role in supporting the Indonesia creative industries including Entertainment and Sports Business. Riyo's practice includes work in the areas of copyright, trademark, contract, multimedia law, intellectual property, music publishing, entertainment law, sports law and intellectual property litigation.


Apidura was born from necessity; pioneering ultralight, rackless packing systems to help us take our love of cycling further and allow riders to unlock their instinct for adventure. As devoted adventure cyclists, we design with our fellow riders in mind, creating products that address genuine needs and bring new value to the bikepacking scene. We create the best packs we can, using technical materials and precision crafting techniques – and when we find a way to improve them we do so straight away and without fanfare. We don’t do ‘seasons’, limited editions or discount our gear – we simply create the best possible technical bikepacking gear that’s built to last.

Kami merupakan perusahaan penyedia jasa pelatihan medis ( RJP, CPR, P3K, First Aid) bagi masyarakat awam dan jaringan sistem terpadu yang menghubungkan masyarakat dengan fasilitas penyedia kesehatan dalam keadaan darurat medis berbasis aplikasi.


Mujiono Cycling Cap (MCC) is a small-scale start-up, based in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
The team started the process of making caps from scratch, based on their personal experience as users.
Our business philosophy, however absurd it may seem to many, is:

  1. Spread The Fun.

  2. Progress Above Profit.

  3. Love it before You Sell It.

  4. State It With Caps.

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We capture sports, emotions, and moments.

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