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Route: Riefa's Bday Bash

You've probably seen @nirinazubir and @falkekusuma IG post last weekend and that delicious green rice fields all over the place and wondering where is this ? And start stalking their strava feeds ? 😁

Here is the story about the route:

The route was drawn for easy @riefa 4x birthday ride a month ago. Now Riefa may not be the oldest of the crew bust perhaps the wisest, thiat goes with saying the oldest of the crew is not necessarily the wisest (wink..wink..). We decided to call the route Riefa's Bday Bash.

The original version of the route was some 75k with +600m gain going as far as Danau Maja. Sceptically, some of our friends invited for the first ride said firmly NO eventhough we assure then we gonna be home before lunch 😂.

We proved to be right and more, the route is absolutely gorgeous and rides passes fields of green and light gravel section. No ridiculous climb and not many main road. We usually started 6.30am Bintaro and were able to return back to BSD around 10am.

In the latest iteration, we cut the distance and skipped the lake, but add an extra 4-5k of relaxing gravel and mixed road.

Stalk people no more, the route here with accompanyting pics for appetizer

Note: the route went trough some private land but commonly use by local. Then people usualy kind enough to let you passed through politely, but if you are challenged, turn around. Starts early morning for maximum visual impact.

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